Growth Classes -Coming in august

Welcome to the growing in Jesus Christ through the Fall 2022. Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:45 pm will be filled with discipleship opportunities for everyone in the family. Please make this discipleship opportunity a priority.

We also need volunteers to help in our Lakewood City Kids ministry.  Please consider serving during one of the three "Serve LCK" opportunity sessions. At Lakewood Park, we are committed  to making more and greater disciples through connecting people to Jesus who transforms lives

Evangelism as Exiles: Life on Mission as Strangers in Our Own Land
Teacher: Pastor James Pettit - In the Cafe

This class will teach through the biblical principles of I Peter as found
in the book by Elliot Clark. Consider this thought from the book that
captures what this class will be about:
“In the chapters that follow we’ll consider six essential qualities of a Christian

exile on mission. With the help of God’s Spirit, such believers will be simultaneously hope filled yet fearful. They will be humble and respectful, yet speak the

gospel with authority. They will fill a holy life, separate from the world, yet be
incredibly welcoming and loving in it. While these three pairs of characteristics
appear at first glance to be contradictory, they are in fact complementary and
necessary for our evangelism as exiles.”

New Testament Overview
Teacher: Jim Young
Begins Sunday, September 11 from 9:15-10:15 in the Cafe
(Note: No Children’s Ministry will be available)

Gospel Application
Teacher: Broc Buytaert | In Room 131

In this class we will be focusing on how to connect our daily life; sufferings, struggles, and sin to the transformative power of the Gospel.

We will learn how God’s Word speaks into every area of our lives, and

see how God uses sustaining, healing, reconciling, and guiding narratives to give practical understanding on how to live God honoring lives in a broken world.