Connect. Grow. Share. Sharing is the last part of our mission statement because

healthy disciples will reach out with the Gospel. Lakewood Park shares globally

through the missionary partners we have around the world. We are passionate

about cultivating vital relationships with our missionaries.

missionary partners

  • Pedro barbosa - Portugal

    Church Planting

  • Clare & donna jewell - North america

    Missionary Training with ABWE

  • caleb & Alair Mitchell - Uganda

    Church Planting & Training with ABWE

  • Jack & sharon Mitchell - Texas

    Missionary Training with World Team

  • bill & nancy moore - Brazil & Usa

    Biblical Counseling Training

  • Sam Sawyer - brazil

    Training with Reach Global

  • HC stephen & Chingboi hansing - north eastern india

    Training & Camp Ministry with ABWE

  • child EVANGELISM fellowship - Auburn

  • dekalb pregnancy center - auburn

  • inspiration ministries - auburn

  • son shine MINISTRIES - auburn